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Originally Posted by DarkChibimon View Post
Username/Trainer Name: DarkChibimon/Armor
Ultimate: yes
Game(s): Fire Red/Heart Gold/Emerald/Platinum/Black

-Stole Bulbasaur from Prof. Oak
-Beat Meta (Rival) for the first time
-Give Oak is package and stole the pokedex
-Got a Rattata
-Steals 99 Masterballs from the Mart
-Steals Meta's Charmander
-Beat Brock quickly
-Stole the running shoes
-Stole an Ekans and a Nidoran female
-Outside of Mt. Moon, training my team up to lv 20
Well now, I'm surprised that people are still signing up for this challenge. Accepted though!

Originally Posted by chaoticlapras View Post
I'm entering, will update every so often.
Username/Trainer Name: ChaoticLapras
Ultimate: No
Game(s): Red (emulator, catching trainers pokemon)
Update: Started new game. Named me Chaotic and rival Lapras. Met old man (Prof. Oak). Stole Bulbasaur. Lapras got a Charmander. Saved.
Accepted! Welcome to the challenge!
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