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    My 2nd rp ever lol hope this is good

    Name: Nero Ginson (often just referred to as N.Gin)
    Gender: M
    Age: 18
    Godly Parent: Hephaestus
    Apearance: He almost never leaves the armor except to eat, bathe, fix something, and use the bathroom, so his skin is abit pale. Stands at 5'5 without armor and 8 feet with armor and weighs 155 pounds without armor but weighs 1,150 pounds with armor. He has brown unkempt hair, with almond eyes. Ironically enough, he has a well structured face, and has been considered handsome by the few girls that see him out of armor.

    Weapon: He seems to have inherited some of his father's physical weakness. Because of this, he was never very good at fighting of any kind. To offset this weakness, N.Gin created an armor unlike anything ever seen before. Dubbed the TitanBuster, it's an exo-armor, built of impact-resistant carbon composites with a magno-hydraulic pseudomusclature rated at 175 tons meaning he could take and could dish out almost as much as a god. However, this means that the user isn't very flexible, and is very slow-moving. (Think Iron Man's HulkBuster armor for basic design) His ability to create such an armor came from his father. Thanks to the god of forges, Nero can more or less create anything. Cars, weapons, statues, you name it, he can make it or fix it. He can also find the breaking points of anything with a solid crystalline structure. (example: he can find the weakest points in a sword, no matter the quality, and hit them causing it to shatter)

    Personality: N.Gin is very focused, a by-product of his time with his spartan pokemon. When he has a goal in mind, not even Hades can stop him from acheiving it. He is used to, and even welcomes, any and all brutal training regiments. However Nero is not a fan of taking charge or being the big flashy hero. He is abit self-concious, about his build, height, and physical weakness, hence he stays in the armor most of the time. That self-conciousness seems to fade away when he's working on something, be it a car, his armor, even the most trivial of trinkets. When it comes to women its tricky, he knows he doesn't have his fathers unfavorable looks, but he is always pure home run or pure strikeout, never an in between.

    History: Nero went through life like any other kid with ADHD, didn't do well in school, socially he wasn't much better. However his one passion was creating and fixing things, especially those made of cold hard steel. From broken toys in elementary, to broken cars in high school, to his summer job repairing/restoring artifacts in the Smithsonian when he was 16. For the most part he just went through the motions, not talking much due to his insecurities. One day in his personal forge he found a recipe to build an oddly shaped sword. It was crazy, the materials were nonexistant and the shape could not allow the sword to even cut let alone be wielded as a weapon. But he finished it in two days, upon which Hephaestus arose from the forge and announced with glee that he was truly his son. It was abit of a shock really, THE god of smithing being his dad, but it all made sense. However the visit wasn't just for pleasantries.

    "MY SON! YOU ARE ONE THE FEW WHO CAN STOP THIS NEW THREAT, BUT ALAS YOU AND I WERE NEVER THE BEST AT FIGHTING. THERE IS STILL A WAY FOR YOU TO DO YOUR PART!" The god of forges then sat down and helped his son devise an incredible suit of armor, that could take on even Titans in hand to hand combat. It took many harsh days and sleepless nights, but it was eventually completed and christened TitanBuster. "WITH THIS! EVEN TITANS WILL BE WARY OF YOUR STRENGTH!" Once completed, Phanlanx helped N.Gin train with the armor, and after several months he was able fight almost as well as a Spartan. His first test run was when he was ambushed by a minotaur. He managed to hop into his armor and was able to quickly make work of the beast, as it was torn apart by the armors hands. He was invited to Camp Half-Blood, and was known for keeping everything in tip top shape. Weapons, tables, shields, chairs, heck even artificial limbs were always in pristine condition.

    Pokemon Link Species: Escavalier
    Pokemon Link Name: Phanlanx
    Pokemon Link Gender: Male
    Pokemon Link Personality: Phanlanx is as militant as you can get, like the reincarnation of a Spartan general. He constantly pushes N.Gin to get stronger and smarter, waking him up at daylight, and working him till moonlight. However he deeply cares for Nero, as though he were a young Karrablast. He wants to see him grow, both in armored combat and in life outside of the armor, to become an Escavalier in his own right.
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