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    Hello again,

    I'm having concerns about offsets. To be precise, about the interest of FSF in certain situations.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understood, I don't need FSF when scripting with XSE. All I need to do is add #dynamic 0x800000, add pointers, and XSE finds free offsets itself.
    But what about Advance Map and Advance Trainer?

    About Advance Trainer... It automatically tells me when a repoint is needed. So I click the "repoint" button: my question is, can I use the suggested offset, or do I need to look for a free one with FSF for safety? And when I typed my offset in that "please repoint" window, before validating the repoint, do I need to change "00" to "FF" ?

    About Advance Map now... Let's say I add an event on my map, a character. Then I click "change events" like I'm supposed to, and a new window appears, asking me to search for an offset to repoint.
    I've read tutorials telling me to get an new offset with FSF, and ask said new window to look for a new offset between the offset from FSF and $FFFFFF. Then I select one of the suggested offsets and repoint...
    But is FSF really necessary for that too? I mean, can't I just click OK in said new window directly and choose an offset among the huge list suggested that way to repoint? Because the offsets suggested by said new window are all free, right?

    I tried to be as clear as possible, I hope it's not too confusing...
    Anyway, thanks in advance for your help.