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    Which family do you prefer Koffing or Ekans?
    I think this should be a no-brainer for everyone but i like Ekans and Arbok more. It's actually not that easy to decide though as I do love Koffing and Weezing. I just prefer the designs of the snakes slightly more, I've always liked snakes as animals so that was it really. However I can't disagree that Weezing is the superior battler, it has better stats and natural movepool (Although I think Arbok has a better TM movepool).
    Basically if I wanted a pet or a friend or even a mascot Pokemon it'll be Arbok but during a really serious battle Weezing is the better choice.
    I felt that Koffing/Weezing's main rivals as pokemon were more Grimer and Muk due to their more similar bulk and being found in close proximity to one another.

    EDIT: just to point out at the front page we've got an awesome pic of Koffing but underneath it still says Swalot is our featured pokemon
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