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Thank you very much Ash493!
After some more tutorials, new questions came up...

I read that editing a compiled script over and over again may end up causing bugs... What can I do about it?

1. Clicking "delete event" in Advance Map? But if I do that, will the offsets used by said script be cleared as well? Because if they're not, it's just wasting space...

2. Adding "#removeall offset" to my scripts? I figured that's the safest solution, but I'm not too sure about how to use it...
If before the #dynamic line I add #removeall in all the scripts I edit and all the scripts I create, they will be working?
And if I delete an event in Advance Map and that it doesn't clear offsets, how can I use #removeall since there is no more event to trigger the script? Just add the #removeall in some unrelated script?

Finally, a detail about #removeall... If the script that gets #removeall'd contains setflags and setvars, will the flags and vars be cleared as well? If yes, that'd be a problem for other scripts that use those flags and vars... Because the definition of #removeall is XSE's guide is "Removes a compiled script, if it's a valid one, along with all his extra data, such as strings, movements, mart items and braille texts", but I don't know what a string is. And the rest of the definition isn't too clear to me either, actually ...

As always, thanks in advance for your precious help.