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    Congratulations GolurkisDaBomb and ArceusWhisper - they're both pretty awesome shinies ;3

    I also bear some intresting news:


    A new shiny! A Masuda Method Shiny Growlithe, after 54 eggs! I did NOT expect this! I was just hatching some eggs since I felt like doing some hunting, but I hadn't brought my Ruby with me round to the shop, and my DS and Diamond were already there. After less than 15 eggs today, this little guy hatched. I was just sitting with my mum, and I was like "Yeah, we're missing the clothes pegs. Wait, did you already- OH MY GAWD!" She was pretty confused xD

    (By the way, I started shiny hunting on the 23rd of August 2011, but I missed my "birthday". Lol. Happy late birthday to me! (?)

    EDIT: 10k Treecko SRs! Woot!

    EDIT: 11111 Treecko SRs lol! Gotta love funny numbers!

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