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    Sage Smith

    Sage chuckled and shook his head as Haru's Munchlax ran up and ate a majority of the poffins, He should have scolded the boy but he really couldn't punish him for it. Plus he was proud that the Pokemon had really liked his poffins. "No Harm done Mr. Hatake, I'm glad to see your Pokemon likes Poffins so much" he said as the last students took a poffin.

    "alright, it's time for a little contest." he smiled setting the tray down. "you see in the back of the classroom are work stations, on the stations there is a stove, a bucket of berries, flour, eggs, and a sink. Your goal is to follow the instructions." he paused turning to the board writing in big letters as he talked. "Two and a half cups of flour, two eggs, and a cup of water to make the dough, you then crush the berries of your choice and mix it in, once the dough turns the right color, after that put the dough on the tray like you would for making cookies and put it in the oven for no more than 15 minutes on a heat of 375." he smiled turning back to the class, sure they had instructions at the work station, he still wanted to write it on the board.

    Clapping his hands together he turned towards the covered tray. "whoever makes the best Poffin will receive this" he uncovered the tray and sitting on it was a single berry covered in a glass case that looked like a sunflower seed with a question mark on it. "This is an Enigma Berry, one of the rarest berries in the world, whoever makes the best poffins, gets it, you may begin."

    Genevieve Molyneux
    Classroom -----> Academy Grounds

    Genevieve sighed and nodded about to follow the class into the adjacent room, she had left her bag on the desk and kept Sapphire at her side, when a boy suddenly entered the room. "I need a Genevieve Molyneux" he said and she turned.

    "That's me, what do you need?" she asked.

    The boy sighed obviously wanting to be somewhere else. "There's a letter for you in the main office, they sent me to get you it's marked as urgent"

    Genevieve nodded and grabbed her bag glancing back towards Valorie and Skye. "Valorie, I'm being called to the office, can you tell Mr. Kitoshi that I probably won't be back" she called out to the girl before gathering her stuff and following the boy out of the classroom.

    He led her to the main office and frowned at her. "Here you are" he said before walking off. With a shrug Genevieve walked into the office and was handed the letter. She opened it and read through it once, then twice to be sure before her eyes filled with tears and she sat down. Her father had said her mother had died the night before, and he couldn't send for her, he wanted her to stay here at the academy.

    "if you need anything, or someone to talk to Ms. Molyneux, our counselor should be arriving today" the secretary said kindly.

    Genevieve nodded with Sapphire looking at her worriedly. "T-thank you miss, b-but I think right now I just want to find my friends" she clutched the letter in her hand and walked out of the office onto the grounds with Sapphire following, before Genevieve sat down on a bench and put her face in her hands as she cried.

    Sapphire grew more worried at that, and turned running off. It took a few minutes but the oddly colored Simipour saw Maxwell walking with a girl, and there were several Murkrow, her eyes narrowed slightly but the Simipour still ran up to Maxwell and tugged at his pants trying to get his attention.

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