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I am not sure if this was suggested before, but I’ve been seriously thinking of suggesting/hosting a roleplay event for the get-together. The Roleplay Olympics got a good turnout and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try out an event here. Though the problem would be timing, as some of us roleplayers tend to write a ton. :P

I don’t want this to be similar to the writing event Marcin suggested, but for this event, I was thinking of giving participants a situational theme and kinda plan out what would the player do in order to complete the event, as well as play it out. For example: the Escape category in the RPO’s…people were given a situation that they are stuck in a spaceship and they have 20 minutes to plot their escape before the ship collides with a star. Of course, there will be a different theme for the event. xD And the writing limit wouldn’t hurt anyone, actually.

Another idea would be a “Sign-Up” Cast-Off. Have members create the most realistic character for a roleplay, with elements including the Appearance, Personality/Flaws, and History of the character.

So yeah…ROLEPLAY EVENT plz. I realize we haven’t really had an actual roleplay event in the past GT’s I’ve participated (at least, from what I’ve seen), and I think it’s time to like…totally make one. Of course, I’ll talk to Skymin just in case for further ideas later~. Soo far those two are the only ones rn.

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