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Wyatt Donaghue, By the Sea

After playing with the Shellos for awhile, a thought dawned on Wyatt. "Shellos...Would you like to be my friend? You could battle one of my Pokemon, and if I win, I could put you inside a pokeball. I'd take really good care of you!" The happily little Shellos didn't need to put much thought into his answer. "Shell!" it chimed as it smiled. Wyatt smiled back. "Great!" He waded back onto the shore for a second, grabbed an empty pokeball from his backpack, and nudged Boo awake. He waded back out into the water with Boo, and assumed the battling position, opposite Shellos

"Are you ready, Shellos?" Wyatt called out. "Shellos!" it replied with a confident grin. "Well, okay! --BOO, use Double Team!" The Gastly chuckled heartily, and split its image into 3 different Gastlys, and they circled around the Shellos. A shocked expression fell upon the Shellos' face, but it turned to one of the Gastlys, and unleashed an Ice Beam from its gaping mouth. The attack phased through the Gastly it struck, and the copy disappeared. "Double Team, again!" The two Gastlys became 5, and they cackled at the Shellos' inability to find the real Boo. The Shellos growled, and spat a Mud Bomb at one of the Gastlys. The mud phased through the Gastly, and sailed in the air a bit before splashing into the water.

The Shellos was beginning to tire from its efforts, and this was not lost on Wyatt. "Boo, use Hypnosis! It's time to wrap this up!" The 4 copies of Boo began swaying up and down, back and forth, in a circle, while gazing straight at the Shellos, and one of them emitted a wave of energy that gently impacted the sea slug Pokemon--and the Shellos fell asleep, still floating atop the shallow water. "Now's my chance!" Wyatt threw the empty pokeball at the Shellos, enveloping it in a red light, and the pokemon disappeared within. The pokeball hit the water with a splash, and shook back and forth with the waves, and the light struggle of the willpower of the sleeping Pokemon within.

The ball did not reopen.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!" Wyatt cheered as he waded over to the pokeball containing his new partner. "Good work, Boo! --Gaia, check it out!" He rushed onto the shore and sat down next to his Pokemon. He held out the pokeball, and released his new Pokemon. "Shellos!" it cried happily as it jumped into Wyatt's lap. "Hahahahaha, great! We're going to be best friends, Shellos! Shellos...Hmmm...I think I'll call you 'Sheldon'! What do you think?" The Shellos smiled and nodded. "Gaia, Boo! This is Sheldon! Sheldon, this is Gaia, and Boo!" Wyatt introduced his Pokemon to one another. The Pokemon smiled and nodded, and began happily chatting to each other.
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