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    Vriska Van der Douchevald

    First you're in Viridian City playing pranks on your brother... And ten seconds later, Scoffer is gathering some very angry Murkrow to get his payback... Funny how life can be, huh?

    Maxwell had just began showing the grounds to Vriska, and she planned to go buy some ice-cream soon, but right now they had to do something with the Murkrow that were in front of them.

    "Oh my god..." Vriska said, as if scared, upon spotting the unhappy Murkrow that gathered, "Those... Are... The prettiest Pokemon I've ever seen!" She ended with excitement as she sent her Pikachu out, "Rain Dance, Chu!"

    Along with glitter and sparks, Chu came out, and as he touched the groud, he began doing a rather awkward dance. Vriska turned around, and saw a black bulge growing bigger and smaller, she soon realized it was Scoffer hiding around...

    "So, this was your plan..." She whispered while staring at Hugin, "That means these are Murkrow..." She eventually realized.

    Once the rain started to fall, Vriska commanded his Pikachu to use Thunder, the next she saw was a bright light, at which she blindly threw a Pokeball...

    Once the light faded, there were several Murkrow running, or rather, flapping for their lives, and a Pokeball was shaking on the floor.

    As the Pokeball stopped shaking and gave a sound that seemed like a 'click', Vriska turned and stared at Hugin once more.

    "Thank you, Scoffer..." She said at last.

    Since her family wasn't around, she decided to do her 'new Pokemon' silly dance, by dancing like a complete dofus while singing 'I caught a Murkrow, I caugh a Murkrow' over and over again, to which Pikachu joined.
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