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Danielle Accola & Megan Sandoval

“Well, what did you two learn on the top of your heads?” Lucia, Danielle, and Mark got their desks together as a group to study for Megan’s pop quiz. She was hoping the quiz wouldn’t be that hard, knowing Megan, she wouldn’t go too strict on it. Danielle wanted to fiddle with her notebook filled with notes copied from Megan’s slide presentation, but didn’t want to aim her eye on some of the notes.

Mark had disappeared, he was spotted asking the Suicuner at the corner of the classroom. Was he intending on inviting her? Danielle wouldn’t mind having an extra person working with her. She seemed smart, but is she smart enough to outsmart Danielle? Danielle isn’t looking for competition at the time. She just wants to pass the class, which is still competition for her.

“Poison Types don’t affect bug-types that much.” Danielle said to Lucia. “It’s something that intrigued me. I mean, when I battle using Sector against a poison-type, I wouldn’t have a problem with mass damage. I’d still have a higher chance of poison though.”

Danielle thought she’d show off Sector to the class. But she feared he wouldn’t behave. She wanted to wait until the battle session. Danielle also wondered which student she’d battle. She looked around the class, some with Beedrils, Butterfrees, Bulbasaurs, any Pokemon that start with a B, that are grass and bug types, of course. As she turned back to her notes. She finds Mark back to the group again, and this time…the girl he asked approached to the group. Danielle smiled and waved at the shy girl.

“Sure you can join us,” she said. “Why not pull up a desk and discuss what you learned?”

Meanwhile, Megan started to walk around the classroom with Avan on her shoulder. She stumbled upon a group of Enteiers who were struggling with understanding the notes, as well as her presentation.

“Miss Sandoval!” One of the Enteiers called out, “If bug-types aren’t effective against Poison, can your Leavanny still get poisoned badly because she’s a grass-type too?”

“Sadly, yes. I discussed it in class before. Leavanny is a grass-type too. The poison will bypass her primary bug-type characteristics and will deteriorate her health.”

The other Enteier, a girl, wrote down what Megan just said. “I must be daydreaming when this was revealed.”

“Any other questions, you three?” Megan asked, as Avan jumped up from the shoulder and back again.
The three Enteiers shook their heads. “Nope, we’re fine.”

“Alright, you have a few minutes left.” She concluded, and walked away to continue observing the other students studying for the quiz. Honestly, she couldn’t wait.

((OOC - We will start the quiz portion of the interaction next post!))

Drew Stone - Classroom Hall, Battlefield #?

Having a hard time looking for this said “Tristan”, Drew was starting to give up. He and Syd stopped walking, hesitating, and worrying. He never felt so lost in his life. He was always confident in going the right way, but being new and all…he didn’t like having to do things first…in front of class.

“Pet-Pet!” The Petilil jumped from Drew’s shoulder to point a lone young girl with white hair, outside the front crowd. She looked lost, nervous, maybe looking for company. Drew finally assumed that this lone young girl…is Tristan. In which Drew’s immediate past assumption was that Tristan would be a guy…he is not.

“That is not Tristan…is she?” Drew asked Syd for clarification. He finally raised the confidence to approach the girl. On the other hand, he has it inside of his pocket, squeezing a Pokeball inside, containing his Umbreon, Embee. He didn’t know that battling would be something he’d do first, but he starts to pack in the heat just in case.

Drew finally approached to the girl, and smiled. “Hey, you’re Tristan, right?”
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