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    Lunch was good. She didn't question how Al' got even two loaves of bread, let alone plenty; grains seemed pretty scarce. Al' took a couple minutes to brag about the fun he had, though. Some of it was funny, so the girl listened. Along with that, they took some time to talk about things, mostly what they've been doing since they acquired a Pokémon spirit, and what they learned about while using them. When Aly was finally full, she was laid back on the rooftop, nice and out of sight from the people below. Then, even though she had an otherwise entertaining companion with some nice food-catching skills, she was bored. There were still things she hadn't done that she thought would excite her, and maybe her new pal would join her.

    Sitting up, Aly looked at the Ghost boy and asked him plainly and cheerfully, "How about a battle?"

    Tim Korinal

    Another pair of users arrived at the group, and now Tim was getting suspicious. Hardly anyone in Children's City wanted to free another city from the risk of adults, but now some completely random kids from outside the city come along and join in. Something was up, at least with Ignis and his brother, but he couldn't figure out what. It just seemed like they had their own motive, and it didn't fit with his just right. Eh, he'd worry about it later.

    "I'm Tim." Then Hailey said to change the world, sacrifices would have to be made. While he couldn't disagree, Tim would never have done it by killing the kids that're supposed to help do it. As Dominick made sure Hailey and Arcea were at full strength again, he nodded to Tim and left, presumably in disgust of the talks going on. One of Tim's original brigade was gone, too. Soon enough, as Hailey's attitude (and insult about Arcea) got to him, he started to wonder about her, too. "What'll you gain by killing other spirit users, or any kids?"

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