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    Arti bolted down the hallways, holding Swadloon in his hands. If the clock in the cafeteria was rigt, he was already late. Going through crowded hallways, he searched for his classroom, Ancient Johto History. Finally locating it, he stopped and caught his breath. After he had calmed down a bit, he nervously opened the door. Peeking inside, he didn't see a teacher.

    "Oh, phew! I thougt I was late!" Arti fully opened the door and walked in. He put Swadloon on his shoulder.

    " when does the class star- oh." He had clearly come at a bad time. A young girl was on the floor, with an overturned chair beside her.

    "Oh, uh. Are you okay?" Arti nervously played with his fingers. This is awkward.

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