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    Well I have two plot bunnies I've been putting some work into and one that just popped up while I was asleep last night.

    1. A young Nurse Joy gains her first Pokecenter. Her experiences as she learns how everything can and will go wrong and just how idiotic trainers can be. Told in letters and conversations with her older Joys.

    2. The life of a Pokemon Trainer is greatly romanticized but few travel and even fewer make it very far. 17 year old Emile is now old enough to become a trainer. He is expected to one day take over his father's, Norman, gym. For this reason he is being sent out on a journey to become a stronger and well respected trainer. Emile is ecstatic, being the only one of his friends able to go, but little does he realize that reality differs from the stories.

    3. The Isham region is in turmoil, the region's legendaries are slowly destroying the land. Researcher Issac is part of a taskforce to stop this. He and his partner find that there is a common link between legendary pokemon incidences. One trainer named Ash. The taskforce is sent to capture Ash and have him quell the powerful beasts.
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