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    Maverick Renos

    Maverick paused and cocked an eyebrow as he saw an intense amount of flames leap in the air and grinned. Well, it seemed that a Knight was rather ready to head out. A female Charmeleon was actually wanting to head out. Good. As she spoke up another Knight did as well, and then another. He nodded his head with a smirk. "Good good, you all will do well." He said. "Now the mission is simple, head out and destroy the base, capture those you can and bring them in for questioning. Other than that, make sure to keep an eye out for Caedmon wherever you go, do not attack but instead bring back word of his whereabouts. Happy hunting!" He said as the rest of the Knights cheered and slowly began to disperse. Maverick himself headed down to the jails one more time. He still was wanting some more information from that Nuzleaf. He walked with a proud demeanor as the guards saluted and opened the cell for him. The interrogator was in there and a rather bloody and sobbing Nuzleaf was chained down to a table.

    "Sir, he is still resistant. Claims he knows nothing else."

    Maverick just gave a cruel smirk and leaned down to look at the Nuzleaf, "How about some more slices? Here and here." He said as he pointed. The Weavile gave a grin as he slowly reached over with his claws as the Nuzleaf began to scream once more.


    Damon Malruth
    Birch Enclave

    Damon was in a very foul mood. Very foul. He had just seen multiple atrocities and yet he was-no, he wouldn't dwell on it. Just give the news as quickly as he could and get out. He wouldn't lose it in front of everyone. He had been rather supportive of the Knights coming over, but this was too damn much! He saw that sight back there, all he could say in the matter was rather pointless according to the Tyrogue. Damon's front paws clutched into fists. As long as no one set him off prematurely he wouldn't fire off and he could just lie down and get some much needed rest. Only question on his mind now was whether he could get to sleep now.

    More and more pokemon filed in as Damon got to the podium once more and tapped the mic. "Please, settle down and get seated. I have some rather... just news alright!" He snapped as he rubbed his head. The Mechanists murmured among themselves at his sudden outburst, but he would remain as calm as possible for the others still coming in.

    Once all were in the doors were closed. Damon rubbed his head for a few seconds before looking up at everyone. "Well, we have a bit of a... twist here to say the least." He sighed. "I-I have to introduce someone to you. You all know him. It's not pretty right now, but our leader-" He spat the word out, "-thinks he'll be a oh so wonderful asset to us. Without further ado... Caedmon Yeonart." He spat out once more as he moved away from the microphone and gestured to the doorway that was cracked open where Caedmon was.

    The audience murmured among themselves as they couldn't tell if this was real or some sick practical joke.
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