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    Originally Posted by Gerokunz
    Woah, beautiful screenshots!
    This is interesting hack!
    Good luck with your hack!
    Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95
    The incorporation of more field moves sounds cool.

    Originally Posted by gam3r!
    Hey how's progress going ?
    Well, it was smooth until a few days ago when I discovered an awful bug. Due to JPAN's overworld hack that I applied, surf has ceased to function, and (so far) I have been unable to fix this problem. So unless I can do that , it looks like I will have to start over on a clean rom, reinserting all the stuff that I already did. I still have all the files for this task, so it should be easy to do, just very time consuming.

    I was planning to post an update in the next few days, but that will no longer happen because I need to get this sorted out first.