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    New Horizon


    Pokemon New Horizon is a fan made game. The game is based on 3D structure. It is a single player game based on a third person camera.
    Pokemon New Horizon is being on the game " Pokemon Gold and Silver ". Although the game is based on the older generation of pokemon games. The story will go in different sections. Most of it is not even based on older pokemon games. Infact 80% of the game is completely never before seen.
    Pokemon New Horizon will include all general gym leaders , team rocket , ash , misty , rock , and professor oak. The towns will be named differently , as well as the routes.

    ~Story line / Plot~

    Plot will follow Pokemon Gold / Silver.

    You are a new trainer from the New Bark Town, You are asked by the Local Professor to go visit a friend of his who has made a discover in a nearby town.You are given a Pokemon as a gift for doing this for him...

    You find out that his friend has discovered a Mysterious Egg which is believed to be from a Pokemon,(This is a new thing since there was no mention of eggs in Pokemon Red or Blue)
    You are asked to take the egg back to the Professor.But on your way back you receive a phonecall from the professor saying his Lab has been robbed and that someone has taken one of his Pokemon...

    You continue home where you meet the man who stole the Pokemon,you battle him either winning or losing and he runs off .You return back to the Professor who is still in shock and show him the egg,he is shocked and tasks you with the job to care for the egg until it hatches. You now begin your adventure to become a master of Pokemon, beating the 8 Gym Leaders and collecting your badges to allow you entry into the Pokemon League where you will be tested and challenged,you face rivals and obstacles on your way to collect the badges and getting to the Pokemon league

    Once you beat the Pokemon League you are then allowed to head off to a different land,The Land of Kanto from Pokemon Red and Blue...

    The Game reaches an end when you find a boy by the name of Red in a cave called Mt.Silver.You battle him and once you have defeated him,the game restarts and you arrive back in your home town.The game seems to go back into the past just before you faced Red,so you can battle him as many times as you want.

    ~Custom Features~

    Brand new costum features will be added into the game. Some old features will be custom altered.

    - Fishing = You can now fish any where there is water. What you catch may depend on whats lurking in the water. The pokemon caught could be a strong one, he/she might pull you into the water. You better hope you have a water pokemon to swim on. Otherwise your waisting your time.

    -Wild pokemon battles = Oh wow , you think your good enough to battle wild pokemons ? Wild pokemons mood changes during the day. They could be having a good day or having a bad day or in between. Regarding what mood their in , they can be a lot of trouble for you. Or they can be easy. Good luck.

    - Pokemon Leveling = Pokemon leveling will no longer be like the old days. Pokemon dont level. Not one bit what so ever. Your pokemon becomes stronger by doing battles or training. Pokemon will have a mind on their own. Their actually smart. They can actually learn to become stronger if the trainer really pushes them. Or become weaker if "possible" if the trainer rarely trains them or battle with them.

    - Your own pokemon mood = Like every pokemon in the game , your own pokemon will have mood as well. You better feed them , love them , traing them right. Matter of fact even respect them right. Otherwise they could just ignore you and make you loose important pokemon battles.

    ~The world it self~

    The world of Pokemon New Horizon is huge. So huge you might not even explore it all. Swimming with your pokemon from one side to the other side of the ocean could pratically take you actually 4- 6 real life hours. I hope you know what your getting your self into :thumbup1:

    ~Battle System~

    Wow this is a bit difficult to say. I think it's more difficult to actually explain it then to code it o.O ... lol
    Anyways , the battle system is actually the #1 system in the entire game that will take the most developing time. Infact its still yet in development. Probably around 30% finished.

    - The Battle system will be a "FREE STYLE" system. Heres how it works.
    *Upon entering in battle mode , you will be introduced to the "Transitions" system.

    *Transistions system is where you can click a button and trigger a change in camera mode. You can between "character 3rd person mode" to "pokemon 3rd person mode"

    *When your in the "Character 3rd person mode transition system , you have the option to heal your pokemon , change your pokemon , run , etc..

    *When your in the "Pokemon 3rd person mode" your in control of your pokemon. This is how the battle will be. You have basically almost the entire area of where your standing to a certain point "not shown" to have a battle. Your in control of your pokemon. Move your pokemon like if you were moving your character while walking , running. Its just like a dragonball z game. You choose your character and use the whole map freely to battle your enemy. Same style applys here. Except this time its your pokemons.

    *Skill system is the most interesting. The engine calls it skills , while your calling it "Attacks".Each skills will require a key press combo to be able to do it. Heck but its very difficult. Remember your enemy will act like you. They can move around freely as you. So you must master moving freely and doing the key combinations to trigger an attack at the right moment.

    * Switching from pokemon mode to character mode transitions can leave your pokemon in harms way. Just because you switched from pokemon to character does not mean the battle is paused. Just means your decided to switch. But the battle is still on. Meaning your enemy can harm your pokemon.


    Legend of the Light House = You think you can find this area and discover its secrets ? Well good luck with that even if you do. the secret could just blow your mind. Or maybe it was a waste of time for you ? Who knows

    Legend of the Fountain = The secret fountain of a certain pokemon. Legend says that "certain pokemon" used to defend that fountain for personal reasons. But what personal reasons ? Can i catch that pokemon ? I dont k now , but I hope you find out

    Under Water ruins = Guess what ? Not only can you swim with your pokemon to reach places. You can also swim under water with your pokemon and discover hidden underwater places , ruins , deserts , gosh even secret pokemons

    Ocean and Sunset = Ever wonder how the ocean and sunset in the game would look like ? Well your in luck heres is a in game 12 second video of the ocean while theres a sunset going on.

    This in game video is real time render while in game. The computer behind this video is running Core i7 , 32 Gb ram ddr3. With 1 gtx 600 series card. Running at a frame rate of 85 frames per second.

    If video does not show up. Go here


    ~Older ScreenShots 5 months ago~

    This game was given a new thread due to the name change and more game information to be provided. Also due to the fact that "First Beta" release will arrive sooner then most people think. This thread will be used for this purpose.

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