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@dcjboi: Oh... That's so... vague. I could ramble on about nothing and everything, but that sounds pretty painful on my part. /Most/ of what you should know should be explained in the first post. If you have any questions a tad more specific, I could probably answer those.

I will say that lore is hidden among the ruins of civilization. Hailey is well-read, and Arcea by extension. If you ever desire your character to discover odd information, feel free to ask me to provide you with stuff. Things like fallen books, and writings and paintings on walls. Sinnoh is the most lore-rich region in all of Pokemon. There's stuff to learn both about the region and about pokespirits themselves.

Every town has a story to tell. All you need to do is ask for it.

I will pass you a slight tidbit of information that's noooot reaaaaaaaally a secret though. Regarding disease. Without proper medication and immunizations, there is a fair amount of it. Given, fused pokespirit wielders will easily overpower virus, bacteria, or fungus based diseases. However, pokespirit wielders are very much mune to prion based diseases and cannot fight them off any better than humans...

Thing being nobody knows what a prion is anymore in the world of Fallout. Not... unless you read medical books~

Rumor has it among people in general that those whom indulge in cannibalism are eventually driven insane by the guilt. There are supposedly many eyewitnesses to this phenomenon. Your character very well may have already heard of it. In fact chances are they've heard it at least once at some point or another. But... was it guilt?

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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