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42. That's quite a long time, Gabri. I'm guessing you've been filling the void it left by playing Footy Manager, then? :P also do you play Xpert Eleven, bro? 'cause that'd make for 3 X11ers in this thread here if you did

I like the manga more than the anime, but I've not finished the anime for Mysterious Girlfriend X yet. I haven't watched past episode 8, which I watched sometime back in May or April. That dream theme and the world it's set in are actually pretty faithful to the manga work that the author did for various parts of the series.

In my spare time the past week, I've been working on things like this:

Meaning finishing Chobits and creating a Negima! MAL Updater skin. or 12 So far the only presentable part of the first skin is this homescreen right here in front of my VLC media player. The other 7000x3000 vectors didn't resize quite as smoothly.
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