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Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Kenpachi loses his fight
off screen
*le me after reading this week's chapter

*le Kubo

Only rage faces can express my feelings about this week's chapter...

Manga 505
Oh yay, more fanart. [/sarcasm]

The color pages were amazing! :D

Oh ****, now the Head-Captain thristin' for some blood.
The Quinzis but freakin' run if they value their lives... >.>
But from the Soul Reapers' side, Shinji's comments are perfect. xD

Ha ha, the giant puppy sure knows how to make his pack work. :p

Sweet, it looks like Kyoraku is getting serious too! :D

And then we switch to Kenpachi and....

And Kubo's probably sittin' at home with this look on his face.
I can understand Kubo killing off popular characters in a war, but not like this...
First Choujiro, then Kira, then Byakuya, and now Kenpachi?
What the **** Kubo?! D<

And more fanart...