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    (Hi @[email protected] I'm new here but I wanna try out for a character in the RP. If it's okay to make a trainer :< And if anything seems wonky, I can fix it up~ )

    Name: Roy James Williams

    Nickname: R.J

    Age: 13

    Sex: Male

    Dorm: Entei Dorm

    Appearance (Will add a picture when Rper isn't being a bum):

    RJ is a tall and lanky 13 year old boy with a pale complexion. He has messy dark green hair that reaches down to his shoulders. His eyes are a bright sapphire blue color. Normally he wears a black t-shirt with a red symbol in the middle of his chest. Under this shirt he wears a long sleeved red shirt with black cuffs. As for pants, he wears dark navy jeans which partially cover his sneakers. On his back, he has a black and red backpack.


    RJ is a class-comedian kind of guy. Always wearing a cheeky smile on his face and always carrying a good laugh or two, RJ's one fun guy to be around. He can make sad people, or even depressed, have a laugh at his silly jokes and puns. He'll even make himself appear as a fool to make people amused. His good rounded nature also shows that he is very into team work. RJ tries to do his best in a team work-related areas by trying to think of clever ways to solve tough conflicts. His mind is always wandering around, also giving him they "day dreamer" attitude.

    However, this leads to the negative side of RJ. It is super easy to distract him from the point of focus. Even the smallest of things can get this guy to look away and get amused by something completely off-topic. This also means he can be forgetful due to him not hearing the whole discussion. He also has an issue with getting involved with things that would result in him getting dirty. Crawling in tight and confined spaces makes him worry about how he's going to look when he emerges. While being placed in these predicaments, he often complains and whines about it. (But one can get him distracted easily so he'll eventually stop whining and thinking about it)


    RJ lives in a small house that is tucked away in a small corner of Fuchsia City. His father Wilbur is a maintenance guy for the Fuchsia City gym. Despite working in the popular gym, Wilbur is not very well-known to many of the towns-folk. He often keeps to himself and gets his job done. The only thing people do know about Wilbur is that he's a single parent taking care of three kids and his crazy mother. Also residing in the house, is Grandmother Turnip. Now no one know why she calls herself Grandma Turnip but this could be due to the fact that she's pretty crazy herself. She used to be a popular announcer for challenges and competitions, back in the day. Now she is a Pokemon Breeder, a job that is more quiet and easy to do (to her anyways). Now she lives at home, bugging the family with her insane stories. Amber, is RJ's young sister. She's pretty tough for a 5 year-old kid. She wants to become a gym leader when she gets older. So she often tries to tell RJ what to do with his Pokemon. Lastly, Nina is RJ's cousin whom was adopted by her uncle and (deceased) aunt due to her unstable home. Nina is a rough-tough and headstrong 12 year old. She keeps her cousin RJ in line by making sure he doesn't mess up. Despite her brash attitude to him, she really gets along super well with him.

    RJ met his first Pokemon at the age of 8. His Grandmother is a Pokemon breeder and she entrusted an egg to him. She felt that if he wanted a pokemon so badly, he would have to make sure this egg was going to be okay. RJ was determined to show everyone that he could become a responsible trainer (when he's old enough, of course). As time went by, his egg hatched and that is how he meets Slasher. Later (Age 10) he and Slasher were walking along a wooded path and Slasher heard a faint cry. The duo ran over to see what was going on and Spooky the Spinarak was there, cornered by a bunch of Spearow. RJ had a basic idea on how to battle, and this is where he and Slasher had their first battle. Once the Spearow fled, Spooky felt that she would be safe at RJ's side. At a later time, he and his cousin were searching for berries to bring home to their grandmother. As RJ wasn't paying attention to his basket, King had snuck under him and nipped a hole in the bottom. There the berries kept falling through. After a good hour of berry picking, RJ realized that this Nidoran had been gobbling up all the berries. This angered Slasher and Slasher went out and attacked King. And this is how he met King.

    At home, before RJ went to the academy; he went to a basic school. RJ was fairly popular with his class and got along great with plenty. If there was a bully, his cousin stood up for him and that was the end of that bullying. His school often had little events that showed the students the many wonders of Pokemon. Sometimes they even allowed the students to bring at least one pokemon for the day to class. One time the event was; the school invited a bunch of people to the grounds to demonstrate what possible jobs the students could strive for in the future. Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Pokemon breeders, a few Gym Leaders, one elite four member, and finally; a Pokemon Ranger, all showed up to this event. And that's when RJ and Nina made up their minds. A Pokemon Ranger got to do all sorts of fun stuff. And that's what RJ wanted to do. Travel the world and help Pokemon out. This was just perfect!

    Pokémon: Nidoran Male
    Nickname: King
    Personality: King is extremely lazy, carefree, and stubborn. Being that he's lazy, King often refuses to fight in battles that RJ tries to get him in. He'll yawn and sleep right in the battle field. If RJ tries to push him too hard, he'll nip at RJ to tell him to stop bothering him.
    Lvl: Level 12
    - Peck
    - Leer
    - Dig
    - Facade
    - Rest
    - Double Kick

    Pokemon: Scyther
    Nickname: Slasher
    Personality: He's RJ's first pokemon given to him by his Grandmother. Slasher is very outgoing and ready to tackle anything in his way. Headstrong but dependable, this Scyther knows what's best for his friends. He's very determined, he won't stop until he obtains his own goal. However sometimes he tries too hard and ends up getting hurt in the end. (Over-Strain, tired, etc.)
    Lvl: Level 20
    - Quick Attack
    - False Swipe
    - Return
    - Steel Wing
    - Double Team
    - Pursuit

    Pokemon: Spinarak
    Nickname: Spooky
    Personality: Spooky is as her name says. It doesn't take much to make her spazz and get spooked by something. She's very skittish and often hides in RJ's back pack. And for some reason, she is petrified of Slasher due to his height and rough look. In battle though, Spooky tries to do her best to show that she can do just as much as the other two can! But she often fails due to her skittish nature.
    Lvl: Level 15
    - Poison Sting
    - String shot
    - Scary Face
    - Constrict
    - Giga Drain
    - Sludge Bomb