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I sprinted to the Pokecenter as fast as I possibly could. My friend had told me that they had rescued and nurtured a pokemon that they would put up for adoption. I burst with excitement, it would be my first pokemon ever! I made sure to stop by the store and buy a whole bunch of pokeblocks, I had no idea what kind to get so I got two of each!. Running through the street with this bag of blocks was so awkward, but I could see the red roof!

I pretty much crashed into the building, the doors were barely open before I went in and clearly I hadn't thought of stopping. Luckily someone was there to stop me from falling, well actually a lot of people. There was a huge crowd of kids my age just waiting outside. There was an Officer yelling through a microphone on a podium "Please, please try to stay organized, all of you can not adopt one pokemon!" I sighed, it was probably first come- first serve, "Everyone who would like to adopt the pokemon please make a line here" She gestured in front of the podium, everyone lined up. "All those with pokemon please leave now!" Around a third of the croud left, still a good 16 other trainers. "We will have a competition!"

And thats where I'll stop, here are the main questions i suppose
-whats the competition
-Whos the pokemon
-Why didn't I give the character a name
-Where are they?
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