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Marty stood patiently, anxiety ran throughout his body. The wait for the pokeball to signify capture felt even longer than the actual time he had spent fishing. It came to the last shake and produced a clicking noise, giving him a sign of relief. As he jogged over to pick it up, he realized he wasn’t quite sure what to do now. After having caught his second pokemon, there really wasn’t much to do, sure he could just go battle and hone his skills, but honestly the idea seemed bland to him. He picked up the pokeball, being lighter than he expected he almost threw it up in air. Marty looked at it carefully.

“So.. I have a Horsea now.. I guess I’ll name you later.” He sighed, and stuffed the pokeball into a pants pocket. He looked over at Archer who was obviously spent after their battle. Marty didn’t blame him, he just fought through the flow of water, that definitely wasn’t easy. He smiled at Archer, causing his Teddiursa to return a confused and weary look. The red light instantly sucked him in before he realize what was going on. Marty hoped returning his Teddy wasn’t going to become a habit, he enjoyed the company of his starter pokemon.

He sat back down along the boat’s edge and cast out his rod once more. He supposed that if there was nothing to do, he might as well just fish to pass the time, who knew when or if he would even get another bite?

Time passed by and suddenly a boy had sat down next to Marty. He was definitely a teenager, looked a few years older than him and stood a good foot, give or take, higher than him. Even though Marty was sitting down criss-crossed, he could still tell.

"Hey, I'm Salias. I'm also new to this fishing thing, seems like you know what you are doing though." he paused, "What do you think of this ship? Its massive, I haven't seen a ship like this ever, let alone be a passenger of one."

Marty began to reply but was interrupted as Salias shouted, “HERE WE GO!” He sighed as the teen cast out of rid, his line flying out far above the ship, Marty wasn’t sure if he was ever going to hit water. He followed the line and much to his surprise, he watched as a wild Swablu flew right into the line, tangling itself up in a mess. In an instant it came spiraling down onto the ship, luckily, Salias was able to maneuver the line in such a way that the Swablu came down safely on the deck. The Swablu though, was not in a forgiving mood and began an onslaught of attacks upon Salias. It was none of his business, so Marty just sat there and watched, he assumed that Salias was going to pull out one of his pokemon, assuming he had any, and battle the Swablu. This was not the case as every time he tried to reach for a pokeball, the small bird attacked even fiercer.


Marty sighed, he might as well help, he couldn’t just leave the teen like that, being assaulted by a pokemon. Dropping his fishing rod, which most likely had fallen off somewhere in the ocean, he rushed over, pulled out a random pokeball from the pocket and tossed it to the ground. Backing away, an Eevee had materialized itself from the ball, which was laying on the ground.

Without a word, Marty turned to leave, he wasn’t interested in what would happen next nor was he in the mood to fish anymore. With two exhausted pokemon, he would have no chance facing a possible aggravated flying pokemon. He was confident that Salias, his new acquaintance, could handle the situation, at the very least he seemed like a capable enough trainer.