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A rooftop

Al’ sighed happily and gave his belly a firm little pat after the delicious and rather filling lunch. He was laid out with one leg crossing the other, floating in the air and slowly rocking back and forth. He lifted a hand and pushed a finger into his mouth, using his nail to take care of a piece of bread stuck between his teeth while staring up into the skies. It had been fairly interesting meeting Alessa, and she seemed to be able to handle herself well. Maybe it was time to follow her around for a while and see what they could get up to.

He picked out the piece of bread and threw it aside, raising his brows a little as Alessa asked him for a battle, seemingly rather cheerful. He glanced over at her with surprise painted on her face.

“You wanna fight? Y’know, usually that means you’ve got some kind of beef with me, but I find that kind of odd since we just had bread and fruits for lunch.” He grinned toothily and swerved around to hover over the ground in a cross-legged position, looking amused.

“But hey, if you wanna have a fight, I’m all for it! Had anythin’ in mind for a bet or the like, or are we just gonna go at it, like a pair of hungry adults between a loaf of bread?” He let out a small burp as if to signify that he was having it better than most adults.
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