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Selena Bravo

It was a bit of a rocky ride on the boat to the Island of the Grand Tournament, also known as Thayla Island. The breeze was cool and calm. The ocean waves were behaving well. Goldeen’s and Seakings were jumping out of the water in happiness. The weather was totally cooperative.

Cross-legged, and sitting on a chair at the rear side of the boat, 16-year-old Selena Bravo, hailing from the nightlife at Castelia City, was anticipating for the Grand Tournament at Thayla Island. She had constant thoughts of looking at that advertisement at the nightclub she used to work, and the dreadful days when she had to just beg her grandparents to let her go. She finished school, she finished Trainer’s Academy, she was just ready to go out to the world of Pokemon and show herself, as well as to show her greatest skill as a trainer. Selena felt that she has some experience, and the battles with her old friend were sufficient training. She is actually nervous…about the partner she’s going to meet.

Selena took out the packet again, which had information about the island, and the partner she would be staying with. She wouldn’t mind being partnered with someone. She grew up surrounded with guys as friends, so if the partner was a guy, she would be happy. She read the packet several times, having to almost memorize the words in some of the pamphlets.

She then opened a folder filled with signed papers, and a letter regarding her partner’s information. It didn’t have any personal information about the person or anything of some sort. It just had his name, and his hometown region. That was it. Anson Amador was his name, and he hailed from Goldenrod City in Johto. She never met a foreigner before, not even anyone outside the Unova region, so this was something new for Selena. She was excited to meet this person, but at the same time…she was a bit nervous.

Next stop, Thayla Island! Thank you for riding with us, we hope you have a wonderful day! Said the intercom.

Selena jumped off the bench, and grabbed her two bags, filled with her belongings. One of them was heavier than the other, because that bag had most of her Pokemon necessities. Her Pokemon, however, were inside her Pokeballs, and Selena doesn’t plan to take them out. She started to struggle a bit when carrying the bags, taking breaths as she takes a couple of steps. As she got off the boat, she made her way to the registration complex. It wasn’t much of a long walk, and entering inside the registration office. Officials had to check to see if the young girl with the light brown hair, tall, and 16 years old is the same Selena Bravo that signed up for the competition. They were able to verify. “This way miss, please.” The Island Official said, ordering Selena to follow her.

She murmured with an “Ok”. Following her to the House she was directed to: The House of Time, it had a statue of Dialga in the front, and it looked a bit small for a House for trainers to stay in. Entering inside the Dialga House, there was literally nobody at the lobby, and the Island Official took her to the very first room of the House. Room 101.

“This is your room, miss.” She said, “Your partner Anson should be here shortly. So sit tight, rest up, maybe tidy up your Pokemon if you like.” She then left her alone, exiting the House.

Selena nodded. “Thank you for directing me to my dorm.” She took out her room key from one of the folders and slid the key inside the slot. As the red light of the knob turned green, she opened the door slowly, as the air from the A/C blew right in front of her.

She immediately spotted the purple bed right in front of her. Throwing her two bags on the floor next to the bed, she jumped right on it. “Ohhhhh my gooood!” She released her exhausted self out in the room. “This is so COMFORTABLE!!”

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