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    1 AquaKoiFish+ - Newbie who sent me a PM
    2 Avishka+ - Haven't seen her online yet.
    3 Exitosus+ - Yo Jeff man
    4 google123+ I've been watching the songs she sent e and they are funny.
    5 Hikari10+ Hey Girl I have met you and this is crazy so here is my profile so stalk it maybe. lol
    6 Hume+ - Newbie who has his name the same as a Highway in Australia
    7 MidnightShine - can't wait for release date of new Beyblades
    8 motb777+ Newbie
    9 ShaQuL - Wished Him a happy B'Day
    10 WillPowerPedro- He's got the pooooooooower!
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