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    You are the grandson of the Dragon Elder, hailing from Blackthorn City's Dragon Clan. On your birthday you are presented with your own Dragon Pokemon and the task of proving your worth as a Dragon Clan member and also a trainer. However, the feat is a considerably difficult one: you must prove to the rest of the world that Dragons are indeed a separate, legitimate class of Pokemon.

    This is harder than it sounds; most people in the world are opposed to a type devoted to ancient reptiles from old folklore. On top of this, you are to collect all the 7 badges in the Johto region to gain the Pokemon League's official approval. If it wasn't burdensome enough, your cousin decides that she, too, wants to carry the honor of bringing glory to the Dragon Clan, and there is a new criminal organization that is establishing its hold in the region's metropolis that you must stop.

    Your ultimate goal, then, is to become the very best that no one ever was!

    • Removal of key features, such as Pokedex and PokeGear, to match the new trainer type
    • Removal of PokeBalls from PokeMarts; you will have to scavenge the region to find some, and you will also be given many different Pokemon throught your journey
    • Removal of optional sidequests; small quests are a mandatory part of your main quest, resulting in an easier, more linear game plot
    • Removal of some original areas; some wild areas of Johto as well as most of Kanto is inaccessible
    • Newly refined, older yet more wild Johto region to accomodate the new setting
    • New maze-like wild areas that will drive you mad; a maze of forests, a maze of rocks and ledges, a maze of waterfalls, and a maze of boxes have been added!
    • New trainer front and backsprite for the trainer page and battles
    • New overworld colors: yellow and purple have been added
    • New, personally-designed tiles to make graphics look consistent
    • Imported tilesets from both Red/Blue/Yellow and Crystal; this means Victory Road, Game Corner, Ice Path and much more have returned!
    • Imported palettes to match the new graphics; Ice Path's vivid colors come to mind!
    • Imported music from Crystal; a new game should have some music most people haven't heard, right?
    • Edited Pokemon and move types for consistency; see Gyarados's Water and Flying type for an obvious example
    • Edited menu and borders to mimic the first generation games; this means no backpack graphics and no menu descriptions


    Credits and Thanks:
    • Mateo and Miksy91 - For the tutorials and support they gave me throughout the years
    • Poketto and Squall - For designing the trainer backsprite graphic upon request
    • Tauwasser - For the tileset extension patch, the scripting compendium, and help
    • Skeetendo Forums - For providing a place for resources and learning

    Unfortunately, owing to data loss and no available backups, I am unable to continue this project.

    If you were a fan of Pokémon Aurum Version, I'd like to apologize for the disappointment; two years of hard work has gone down the drain due to a combination of bad luck and my lack of computer common sense.

    However, I will keep hacking Generation II and will post updates once enough progress has been made.
    Be sure to check my new account for my next work!