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I found two random sprites of Brendan, one which Hacker Bisharp just pointed out. I can't put the images up because I don't have enough posts though.

Anyway, one is in the Winstrate House, the other is right near where you can find Torchic, Route 111 I think it is?

So my party now is:
Marshtomp LV34
Jynx LV31
Forretress LV31
Arbok LV 31
Houndour LV24
(just caught, so I'm training it now)

So I think I'm about to get to Fallarbar Town I think it is? I haven't played the original Emerald in so long I can't exactly remember some town names.
God I keep thinking Gym Leaders are hard, but they're nothing compared to the next one. I easily took Wattson's first 4 pokemon with Marshtomp's Mud Shot, but his Lanturn's Water Pulse did it for me every time. So I had to do some slight damage with Arbok and Jynx before I use Pineco's Selfdestruct. Would only get down to 1/4 HP, and I couldn't risk it using Recover so I had to do some damage first.
Anyway, can't imagine what Flannery will be like. O_o
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