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    Originally Posted by blazerj13 View Post
    hey FL! been a while. i was thinking, and ive been playing the pokemonTCG games ALOT lately, maybe you can add in the pokemon tcg game? that would make a great twist on this game, and it would be something no one has done before, well, just by making this game, you've done something no one has done before but still, id love to see the TCG game here~
    Implementing the TCG game is too time consuming for only a minigame, and even if I do this, there will be few cards (only the first cards). But I am thinking on something simplified for a minigame like a Pokétriad variation.

    Originally Posted by megascizor22 View Post
    Hey can I ask, at what rank do I unlock the Underground Area?
    Three after you unlock the Sea Area.
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