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I loved the addition of seasons cos it made the games more realistic.

When the day/night mechanic was introduced I knew Game Freak were on the right track to make the events change with real time and seasons added on to that. I like how Summer and Winter follow altered times, while Autumn and Spring follow the normal times. It added that nice touch.

Even though the seasonal cycle doesn't follow the real time seasons, they still did a nice job, especially altering wild Pokemon encounters, certain events (such as Casteliacones not being available in Winter) and even having certain items only accessible in certain seasons. (I mean, it's Winter in June in my country while it's Summer in-game)

Deerling and Sawsbuck, the Normal/Grass deer Pokemon were introduced to showcase this feature and I liked the concept of them changing forms with the season in-game. Particularly Sawsbuck's antlers acting like a deciduous tree.

I'd love to see the seasons retained in future generations cos it gives the games that realistic feeling.
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