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Originally Posted by diab_low View Post
Hey Mid I'm about to post my leave post too I'll miss you guys good luck with your exams and yes we will be here <3

Well I've dreaded this day for a while and it makes me very sad to say this but I think it's time for Diablo to leave PC until HSC is finished. .
I have to give my laptop in to my school tomorrow as I was just hiring it for my studies so I will be alot less active more like inactive. I finish HSC early November and after that I will buy a laptop on my own. I have the Pokecommunity app on my phone so I will try to go on only to reply to VM's or PM's and that's about it but I can't promise it either.

It upsets me to leave cos I feel like I'm leaving everything I've worked for behind. My beautiful friends and all the users I talked too love you guys to the fullest and I will be back. Another thing now that I am leaving my chances of getting the PC is my life emblem is hanging by a thread but when I come back for it that will be my priority number 1.

So Imma end this by saying loved this place and thank you PC for a great time and good fun I sure will miss you guys and the place ;(
That's so sad, but I know studies are always someone's No.1 priority.

I hope you come back briefly for my birthday (October 1st) cos I need someone fun to celebrate it with.

But don't worry, Hikari and all your PC buddies will be here when you get back but I'll promise to make sure Other/Pokemon Trivia is still fun to visit. I'll also take care of all the newbies for you, OK?

It's just that the boys will lose a competitor in The Gender Race though.

Hikari misses you already... sob.
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