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Fallow Walker
Mercury City:Part 4

Fallow watched as the girl took a drink of water from a bottle she had stored away. He was surprised at the dedication she had not just for her pokemon but for herself. It made him start to think that maybe he himself should probably take care of his body and not just that of his pokemon. Not only that but she reminded him of the gym leader type, and she wasn’t even from around here.

“I’m impressed you seem to do a lot for yourself in far as training yourself and just gathering facts.” said Fallow, who was now examining his pokemon as well. “And yea I got a few more pokemon since I’ve left the lab. The thing is my goal is to be a gym leader so for me at least I want to catch as many pokemon as I can. The hard part will be training all of them to make sure they stay around the same level, but I’m not too worried about that. These three right here will always be my go to team since they are the first three I got on this trip. I’m also hoping to run into a few more pokemon before I get back for battles sake so I can test run some tactics before the gym battle.” A smile left Fallows face as he said this. It wasn’t often he shared one of his dreams with people, but it made sense to since they were both starting their journeys together. Even so his excitement about the topic would have been apparent for whenever anyone mentions gyms Fallow beams with anticipation.

“Anyway I’m sure you won’t have to worry too much about type disadvantages in the gym, as long as you have some reliable moves that can take out rock types you’ll be fine. Provided of course your electric type, and whatever else you caught, can hold their own and dodge attacks.” Fallow stated now looking the girl in her eyes, he could tell that she was fairly passionate about pokemon just from her statement. Her general worry for her pokemon, and a possible loss showed him that she already had an emotional connection with them, and a solid idea for a battle strategy.
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