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Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Route 1

Evangeline looked at Fallow and grinned. "Thanks, I've always been taught that the first step to taking care of Pokemon was to take care of myself. So that's why I run every morning, and as often as I can" she smiled putting her water bottle away. "a gym leader huh, that sounds really neat, I want to be an artist and maybe a Pokemon Professor, I have an ability that would make that easier, and I'd be able to get more info about them" she said smiling slightly blushing as he looked into her eyes.

"thanks a lot, I've got my Pichu Melody and an Emolga I named Jazz, I'm gonna do my best in the gym, who knows the odds might be in my favor" she said before looking at his Pokemon and then back to him. "if I tell you something, will you promise not to laugh?" she asked.