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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    @Yellow - It's not your fault, don't put this on yourself. It's only truly the case if people on a large scale, and you've still been rather active lately, I'd say that's enough to get people inspired; especially what with all of the up and coming RPers that have been joining, lately.

    Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
    It has gotten quite quiet yes. I've mainly been busy with uni, so I have an excuse!! *shot'd*

    Daym Zerin, you gotta stop making new accounts it's like a disease.
    I'm only on number three, and most of the reason for this one was because I had two separate Gmail accounts always open (For some stupid reason I thought I needed two), and on top of that I figured it'd still be easier for people to acknowledge/recognize a name written in English. Also, my Alias is now Universal to all of my accounts now.

    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    I might make a new account, too; it'll be named "machomuuu".
    I think you should change it to "machomoo" and change the avatar to a Minecraft Cow.

    Originally Posted by Mr. Mammoth View Post
    Oooohh, I know! Can't we have a "New Accounts Day" here at PC? Like, a day where everyone makes a new account and then the rest of us have to guess who has made the new account. The one who can guess most people right also wins an emblem!
    I already won that one, in the Fallout OOC, when a poor sad butthurt from Youtube wanted to come rage at me. I can't believe it actually made an account.

    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    Congratulations to PC and the Roleplay Lounge for exactly 1000 OOC threads.
    I noticed this earlier, I wish I'd said something sooner. We've been on 1000 OOC for a while now.

    Originally Posted by Galdr View Post
    [/jumps in thread]

    I could really go for a non-Pokemon role-play. Like DBZ. Or Bomberman.

    But, if anyone can help me devise a Pokemon Conquest RP, that'd be epic.

    Maybe not follow the game's sequence but have Warlords maybe go "to this other region" where people "keep their Pokemon in Pokeballs", as stated by Motonari. Maybe just a few warlords that assumed together to beat Nobunaga, etc, then it's stated that Lady Oichi was given command over Aurora. [/freaking lame idea]

    If not that, then a seriously awesome DBZ role-play that-won't-die. No canons.

    Don't ask me why I said Bomberman. It was something to throw out there.
    Or a Megaman role-play. Or an X-men + Pokemon role-play. I've tried one of those before. It died because someone that was needed to post didn't come online anymore and it was hard to continue over them. But the solid idea was pretty cool. I know I contradicted myself about saying a non-Pokemon role-play, but oh well.

    Also, I really liked my other RP idea, but my mom kept my laptop for an unknown amount of time. My Wii unfortunately can't load this site, so I couldn't get on. Too bad for me.

    [/jumps out of thread]
    Sacred Fire/Divine Water is totally a conquest RP.

    And yes, Dragonball would be a wonderful RP, so I'm shocked I haven't seen it here yet.