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Robert Macintosh

Robert allowed Bejamin to take all his necessary shots. He smiled for them until Pinhead appeared right in the way of the third and then made subsequent attempts to ruin the rest by strategically placing herself right in the way as soon as the picture was taken. He didn't know if these plans of sabotage were intentional or if she always appeared right at the wrong time. Some pictures didn't have her blocking the main point, but most of them had a little clip of Pinhead somewhere. When the pictures were over, Pinhead floated in the air, blinking and staring in one direction, as if the flash had made her temporarily blind. Robert ignored her minor predicament.

"I was thinking about looking around in the forest--I think there's a path over there--, but the innkeeper has me thinking about doing a little service work instead." Robert grinned as he spoke. "I was going to head out and do that now once I asked around. How about you? Any plans?" Once again a chime went off, signalling another incoming message. He glanced down at his pocket and then away. He wondered briefly what it was about, but ignored it for the time being. He remembered what the innkeeper told him, about needing some extra help. Eying Benjamin, he was tempted for the moment to ask him, but decided against it. He stuttered when he made normal conversation, something told Robert he wouldn't be exactly cut out for cutting off Scyther limbs.

"Shup...?" Pinhead blinked and looked at Benjamin curiously, as if he was from another world and looked at Mr. Ambrose behind him much the same way. When her confused observations were made she floated over Robert's shoulder and disappeared, apparently not wanting to be seen. He raised a brow at her actions and then disregarded it. A Pinhead who wanted to stay out of the way was worth no questioning. He kind of enjoyed it.
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