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    Originally Posted by RubyHacker View Post
    Thanks for the tips man. Can't wait for more updates, keep it up!
    Don't read if you plan to pass the GAME!!!

    I just finished it.
    Before I share my honest opinions, I 2 questions:
    - Is there a way to get to the Brick Town that was mentioned by Leaf?
    - I beat Leaf, and also got Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, + Mewtwo and Lugia. Is that all I can do?

    Now my opinions:
    - This hack is great. It gets a + because it's complete, so I can enjoy it to the end.
    - South Isle and all the edited places were great.
    - Leaf and Red was also a great add. Loved it.

    If it's possible, make a longer version of it.
    - I know this sounds big, but Hoenn as a region would be a dream come true ( for me at least ). I don't want the Hoenn Pokemon, Johto and Kanto ones would be great too.
    - I suppose Leaf is the "Red" of this hack. But what about Lance? You should add him too somewhere.
    - Where's "YOU" in the hack? I'm not talking about where to meet you, but the battles. I would have loved to fight you more.
    - If you plan to put more battles with you in the hack, put in you favorites! I'm not sure if the Pokemon you had in the hack are your favorites, but if they aren't, take my word!

    One more question: Is Flannery you girlfriend( Joking of course) in the hack?
    I finished it too before a long time.. but one question...what to do hoenn region without hoenn pokemon :O ?
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