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Originally Posted by RubyHacker View Post
Thanks for the tips man. Can't wait for more updates, keep it up!
Don't read if you plan to pass the GAME!!!

I just finished it.
Before I share my honest opinions, I 2 questions:
- Is there a way to get to the Brick Town that was mentioned by Leaf?
- I beat Leaf, and also got Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno, + Mewtwo and Lugia. Is that all I can do?

Now my opinions:
- This hack is great. It gets a + because it's complete, so I can enjoy it to the end.
- South Isle and all the edited places were great.
- Leaf and Red was also a great add. Loved it.

If it's possible, make a longer version of it.
- I know this sounds big, but Hoenn as a region would be a dream come true ( for me at least ). I don't want the Hoenn Pokemon, Johto and Kanto ones would be great too.
- I suppose Leaf is the "Red" of this hack. But what about Lance? You should add him too somewhere.
- Where's "YOU" in the hack? I'm not talking about where to meet you, but the battles. I would have loved to fight you more.
- If you plan to put more battles with you in the hack, put in you favorites! I'm not sure if the Pokemon you had in the hack are your favorites, but if they aren't, take my word!

One more question: Is Flannery you girlfriend( Joking of course) in the hack?
Well to answer your questions:

-There is no way to get to Brick Town in this hack. You can get there in the latest demo of Secrets and Rumours though (Check my sig for a link).
-There are still Ho-oh and Celebi, plus the three Dogs (if you haven't caught all of them yet).

-Adding a third region would be a LOT of work, plus I don't currently know how to go about adding a third region map. So Hoenn is not likely to happen, although I could add more places to Johto and Kanto in an update, for example:
the Routes added in HG/SS that are currently blocked off by the bit of fence, and some other places. I might try to make the battle tower more functional in an update as well. However, some of my ideas for new places in Johto and Kanto will show up in this hack's prequel, "Pokemon Spirits and Legends", aka "The Halloween Hack" although I don't know if I'll have it done by Halloween, what with classes and everything.

-Lance is said to be training in the Unova region, and Gary is off in Hoenn, why neither of them make an appearance.

-I could add in another battle or two with my NPC, that wouldn't be a problem. I didn't want to go too far to town on it though, since I already felt like Flannery and I were everywhere haha.
My team in Burned Tower is basically the team I had at that point during testing once. I remember around Christmas when Volmise did a let's play of it, she freaked out at my first Pokémon, but was laughing by the time I was sending out really under leveled Pokémon. During testing especially I have a habit of Grinding my starter up and ignoring everyone else lol. But I would add in more of my favorites if I add more battles with myself.

-Speaking of that, while I never actually say it in so many words, I guess I did manage to strongly imply that Flannery and I are dating in the hack. The entry on the Pokehacks wiki (not written by me) lists Flannery as my girlfriend.

On a side note:
I do have notes written down for a GBC hack that would take place in Hoenn, but it only exists on paper and is too early to really say anything about it or whether it will ever really exist or not. But since I see there is at least some demand for a Hoenn-centered Gold hack, I will probably get to it when I finish my other projects (Whenever that is).

"I'm gonna, uh, demonstrate the hot moves..." - Flannery

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