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I have little trust in the US government.

Or any government, really.
Partly because the Swedish government is so easily swayed by the American.


US: hey, uh, Switzerland
Sweden: oh, hi America, fancy hearing from you!
US: you're the one with the pirate bay and wikileaks and shizz, aren't you?
Sweden: Yeah pretty much. Why?
US: well, uh, I was thinking... can't you guys make a law that allows us to monitor all conversations made by phone and internet that you guys make?
Sweden: Sure thing pal. I'm sure you got a good reason for it.
US: Pretty much.
Sweden: So, shall we get the people to vote about it?
US: Nah, just run the law through and pretend it never happened.
Sweden: okay!

*Sweden has gone through with the FRA law of 2006*

Sweden: Uhhhhhhh America?
US: yah?
Sweden: My dudes are all protesting. You never said anything about that. What do I do now?
US: Oh sheesh, they're just people. What can they do? Don't bother caring about the low-lives.
Sweden: Okay. Thanks America!
: No problem Switzerland.