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    Miksy, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it; I'm pretty sure you can't please everybody here.

    Cyclone is clearly dead-set on having tournament-legal Pokemon in a game that doesn't follow the structure of the official games to begin with. The rest of us who like the out-of-the-ordinary attacks don't care if a Tentacruel learning Thunder or a Pikachu learning Jump Kick is legal or not. If you want to give somebody something like a Seadra with Flamethrower, go ahead. I don't mind if I myself am not allowed to teach a Houndoom Scary Face or an Exeggutor Tri Attack or anything else like that and yet other characters have Pokemon that can do that; it makes the game challenging and surprising because I don't see it coming, and I'm okay with that.

    I realize and understand that this game is designed to challenge the preconceived notions we have about the Pokemon games, by throwing attacks at us that can't ever happen in the official games and changing how the games normally progress. Cyclone seems to be looking for a game that follows the rules of the official ones, but I for one am not. In fact, this is what I like about this hack. If the hack didn't have these kinds of anomalies, it wouldn't be as exciting to me, because I already know all of the attacks each Pokemon can learn. So when I see these new attacks in battle, it takes me by surprise and now I have to adapt to this new rule in the game, which is fun because it gives me something new to discover.

    In short, Cyclone is expecting something different from what is intended in this hack; I disagree with him. I still support the changes you've made to the established battle system and urge you to stick with them.
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