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Personally, I think that unique moves should be looked at as if it were real-life rather than as a game mechanic. Animals adapt to their surroundings, environments, and the other creatures in their habitats, and AFAIK Pokemon are no different. They not only have different appearances based on where you find them, but also different abilities, niches, and dietary habits (in a way, humans are included in this). That's what makes the diversity of the world so interesting and unique, if all of the animals were, in a sense, the same, then it wouldn't be as interesting, and I think that applies to pokemon as well. That's why people are so interested in downloadable pokemon and event pokemon, because they have abilities and moves that they normally can't learn, and it's fascinating to think about how they got those moves, even though in reality it's just because they are meant to be special and have no real context behind them, and that really holds true in the main games, which makes them feel more limited.

In Dark Future, however, there would be context, subtle or otherwise, and that would make the game more challenging, interesting, unique, and overall, more fun. So I do feel that the unique moves should go beyond just egg-moves.
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