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@Danaxe: The opening post is the most important part of these sign-ups. It's the primary grading area. Yours... violates the forum's 4 line minimum rule. However, there are some other issues...

That being said, there are multiple things that need addressing. I'm going to copy, paste, and bold the problem parts and then respond to them individually.

"absolase is very cold towards other pokemon exept his own" - Pokemon are extinct, pokespirit wielders can't really interact with pokespirits other than their own to begin with.

"he rarely approaches other humans for fear of embarresment of losing." - This feels out of place, mainly because embarrassment should be the least of his worries in a fight that would very much threaten his life.

"when he was 6 he was rescued and sent to celestic town where he was taken care of by cynthia's grandmother breifley until he returned to the streets meeting an absol on route 211," - Cynthia's grandmother has without a doubt moved on from the world by the time the RP has started, as well as the champion herself. You'd be lucky if Cynthia's theoretical kids were even alive. It's been about a hundred years, give a few, and the average human life span doesn't even come close to half that anymore generally.

Secondly... Pokemon are extinct, and their spirits are confined only to Mt. Coronet. Pokespirits can only be obtained at the age of ten at the earliest regardless. Didn't you notice the part of the SU about fusing? x_x

This RP isn't really one you can effectively get into without either reading the short story on the first post or being filled in by someone who has. It explains the entire concept, which is rather unique and has it's own set of lore and all that jazz. Overall, it feels like you just... didn't try. And that's honestly not going to fly.

Also, Sinnoh is devoid of Pokemon, not plant-life. It's the exact opposite of barren. Quite pretty, if not eerily empty to look at. o_o;

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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