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    Originally Posted by jellicentfan1
    This looks great, especially your own pokemon you made. I can't wait to play.

    I do have one question however, sorry if I overlooked it already being asked, but are you planning on doing something with the PC storage system because I don't think Bill would have been born yet to discover it, and technology probably wasn't great in 1958 even in the Pokemon world.
    Thanks for your appreciation and such, and actually I havent though of that technically, Of course I thought of bill, but I never thought of the PC storage system, it is a major part of the Pokemon experience so I cant change much, nor would it make much sense to, but thinking about it, I thought his father could have created a prototype PC system (as opperating computer, though quite large, were still in existence) but as to explain how if you have more than 6 the 7th is magically transported to the computer, lets just call it an unexplainable phenomina

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