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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Not at all. My point is that if this Tentacruel is going to know Thunder or another Electric move, all Tentacruel IN THIS HACK should be able to learn it in some fashion, be it by breeding with Pokémon that know the move (if any such combinations even exist) or just as a new level-up addition. It could even be a TM teachable. Just make it so that all Pokémon used by opponents are identical to the ones we can catch. If one isn't, such as in this case, then it should be added for ones we catch as well. Perhaps a special Move Tutor unlocked after you defeat it (making it impossible to learn until it opens up); he can even be the one that teaches your Tentacruel.

    That's a fantastic idea, actually! I think that would be really neat if the Gym Leaders in this game could also serve as Move Tutors. It makes a lot of sense, too, since a Gym Leader is supposed to be the top trainer of a city or town, and serves as a specialist in their specific type. I imagine that all the other trainers in their gym must train under them as students in order to bring out the full potential of their Pokemon, so it's believable that a Gym Leader would offer to train your own Pokemon in a specific skill if you asked him or her.

    Since they each have signature Pokemon that have attacks that can't be learned any other way, if you were to come back to them carrying one of those specific Pokemon, they could act as a Move Tutor and teach it those unique moves. I think that would actually be a really neat feature to add to the game! I certainly haven't ever seen that done before.
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