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@dcjboi: Looks alright to me. Gotcha.

Also, according to official game canon, animals are not a thing, and that word honestly has no reason to even exist. Pokemon are the equivalent replacement.

That was kind of one of the big reasons pokemon disappearing wrecked humanity's day. They suddenly had exactly nothing other than vegetation to eat and went from having enough food to nowhere near enough to support the population. This was partially because of a complete and total lack of meat and partially because Pokemon played a heavy role in helping humans farm efficiently. They didn't have tools and machines. Pokemon were always far superior to them.

Also, Jubilife is one of the four major cities. Approximately 10% of it's buildings have collapsed to some degree and approximately 30% have suffered some sort of major structual damage. It's full of adults, and slave children. Because of Jubilife's government body's hatred towards pokespirit wielders it's a dangerous place to be if you don't want to gather attention.

However, you can find plenty of things to scavenge there if you're willing to risk being attacked by enslaved wielders.

Veilstone is a ghost town. The department store is a heap of rubble, and the warehouse area has suffered approximately 50% destruction. 50% of the rest of the town has suffered major structural damage but has not collapsed in any significant way. You could find a small amount of supplies if you're lucky, but the town has been mostly ransacked of useful things. Team Galactic's HQ stands strong however, and may contain interesting lore considering it's former occupants.

All ghost towns are very eerie, containing evidence of past residences, such as furniture, an unkempt bed, dolls, silverware. Other things like that. Veilstone is no exception. You may even find forgotten clothes, though these are considered to be of at least some value.
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