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    Alex Rouse

    Near Eterna City

    The rag tag group seemed to have enough troubles of their own, but the girl who spoke up mentioned that they were traveling to Oreburgh. That was his home, not much of one, but still his. She also said something about MT. Coronet. Alex wondered why that place was so important, but thinking back, the few people he had encountered had mentioned that place. He looked up to ask why the group was traveling there, but they hadn't stopped moving and had already put a bit of distance between them and Alex. He must have not noticed. He caught up to them and walked up next to the supposed leader, the same girl who had spoken up before, she was carrying another young girl in her arms.

    "So what is so important about Mt. Coronet? And how did you all manage to meet up and survive? And what does Oreburgh have to do with any of this?" His tone was a mixture of curiosity and contempt, though his home town was always a soft spot. He was blocking any comments from Jaqen out of his mind for now, but he was ready to flee or fight if the need arose.
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