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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post

Oh, monkeys! They look cute, but not completely like monkeys. I think because of the body of Bronkey, I think it looks less like a monkey. Maybe it's just me. XD

So, lets see what I can get out of not working on pixel art in forever!
So, I'd like to start off with that they're nice sprites, I like the fact it looks somewhat the style of Pokemon sprites in the third generation games. I always liked that style of shading for the sprites. I hope that's what you were aiming for! I think the sprite would have been posed differently, shaded and outlined differently if it was meant to be a sprite style of that of the fourth and fifth generation of Pokemon sprites.

I'd have to say, though, there's some unnecessary shading and a great use of dithering. When I mean "great use", I just mean a lot of use of the shading style. It looks nice until it's over done. Unfortunately, I think Bronkey's sprites has too much dithering. That, and the values for the shades and colors look really weird together. The shading on its stomach, tail-leaf and face doesn't look like they're shaded from the same lightsource. The shading on the stomach, I think, is not needed. It looks out of place, I'd advise to not shade so much on it's stomach.

The value of the colors you used to shade around the ears looks funky. I can't see the grey ish peach color as much due to the dark lime green color beside it.

I think Bronkey's body shape is really circular. o..o Is it meant to be like that? It doesn't look like it has much of a neck.

Now, onto Moncree. I think this has a much better body shape than Bronkey. I want to say, before going onto shading and such - I think that purple color for the shiny sprite isn't such a good idea. It's probably the same value as the brown shading, so it's kind of hard to see it. Actually, taking a look into the color and shadings, I think in both sprites, the shading colors are the same values so it's really hard to see the colors on the knees, for example. Both of the shadings for green and the peachy yellow(?) have the same values, so it's kind of hard to seem them clash together like that. x..x

For shading, I think the shading under the leaves (under or on the neck) is not necessary, due to its shading and light source. Also, I think the brown outline against the leaves (I think) on its neck should be darker. Hmm, judging by the face and body shading, I would have less of the lime green shading color on the knees. The shading on the knees make it look as if the light is coming from above it.

Uh, that was a lot more than I wanted to write, but I hope this helped you out! Sorry I wrote a lot! =x
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