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Thanks Astinus, I will however change the setting a bit in hindsight.

Instead of a pokecenter the people are gathered at a breeding area where they are giving away 3 pokemon. The general idea is that pokemon are rarely seen in the wild (Much like the Orre region) and when there is an opportunity to get a pokemon many kids jump at it
The reason don't want a lab with starters is that it really doesn't make much sense to me. (I mean why are scientists giving out pokemon that they study.)

The Questions were to give people something to think about, I also wanted to point out that I left a lot of freedoms, I didn't name the character (and he could easily be a nameless protagonist), I never mentioned rivals, I didn't specify a pokemon, and I didn't give a specific region (though one can assume pokemon are scarce or illegal to catch in the wild there).

I do apologize for the grammar mistakes, I have a slightly above average grade in a tenth grade English class level.
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