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    In Pokémon Crystal, an old man visits the Goldenrod Game Corner every Wednesday and Saturday after the player has entered the Hall of Fame. He teaches three different moves for 4000 coins, two of which were TMs in Generation I and returned to that status in Generation III, and one of which later became a TM with the other two. These moves are breedable in the same fashion as TMs and HMs.

    Does a "real" Move Tutor even exist in original G/S/C ? Although you may think Crystal has this feature implemented, I've to have say no. Practically means, I'd have to code that feature from scratch. So no, I won't be able to make gym leaders work as Move Tutors later on because such feature doesn't exist in Gen II games. As you can see in the example above, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam are TM moves and are taught to the party pokemon according to TM learning table. Basically, all this script here does is to skip loading the following:
    1) Click the selected TM in TM Pocket
    2) Select use are clicked

    I can make Tentacruel learn TM Thunder, Metapod TM Headbutt, and make Pichu have Jump Kick as one of its Egg moves. Not sure whether you can still get a Jump Kick Pikachu like Isaac's though.

    But anyway, I'm not going to do anything more about it because implementing Move Tutors would require massive amount of coding, it would be a completely new feature "not introduced" in Gen II.

    I was thinking this through too much like a programmer. Of course people who play this don't have to know this kind of feature doesn't exist but I can still make it work. You see, if I make it impossible to get TM Thunder, and make it so that after Pierce is beaten, he can teach you Thunder, that way I can make Tentacruel learn Thunder taught by Pierce as long as I make it so that Tentacruel can learn Thunder through TM table.

    Possible to do and not hard at all! Well, not really. Actually, locating the code this "move tutor's" script here in Goldenrod accesses can be quite difficult but I'll try to track down the routine in Crystal. If I manage do that, I can implement this feature for gym leaders to teach special moves to your party. Unless I do some TM replacements, you can't get a Jump Kick through a "move tutor" though.
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