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    Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
    The only trainer we've faced with a Legendary Pokemon is N. Should there be more trainers in the game's main storyline with Legendary Pokemon to battle against, such as Elite Fours or Champions?

    No, I even think it's pretty odd that your protagonist can own legendaries Pokémon (but I don't complain about it). Legendaries should be free, and not be someone's, locked in a Pokéball. Elite Fours and Champion have to show their skills without 00ber Pokémon.

    There is a big difference between uber & Legendary Pokemon though. Do you see Phione going around showing who's boss? Or Raikou? Articuno? They aren't even in the Uber's category!

    Anyway, this led me to another topic discussion to bring out

    Should Phione be considerate as one of the Legendary Pokemon?