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Somewhere! On the front deck of the S. S. Libra!

Jack strolls about the front deck, watching the various Trainers and their Pokemon. He notices a small group all seated around a dark-haired young woman in a blue dress, who is apparently giving a lecture. Jack moves in closer to hear what it's about, taking a seat at the back of the group.

"-and that about covers the basics! Any questions before we move on the the practical portion of the class?"

So much for that idea. Jack rises and glances around, wondering where to go next.

"No? Very well, let's put those skills to the test! And look! We already have two volunteers! Give them a hand, folks!" She smiles and claps, while the rest of the group follow along.

Jack notices them looking at him, and looks back to see an elderly gentleman in a green suit also being applauded. "Wait, me?"

The man nods, grabbing a pair of Pokeballs. "Eeyup! Let's show 'em how it's done, kid!" He opens the balls, revealing a Gastly and a Trubbish. "Send out yer team and let's get this battle started!"

Jack merely blinks in confusion, then shrugs and sends out Firecracker and Vermont. "Two on two, eh? Sounds fun! Let's go!"

The woman jumps in between them, commenting on the fight, apparently. "Both Trainers have sent out their teams! It's important to choose wisely and keep a balanced team, and you have to learn how to not only command two Pokemon at once, but also play off their strengths! But we'll get into combos and tactics later! Battle on!" She moves back, clearing the battlefield.

Jack starts off strong. "Firecracker, use Ember on Gastly! Vermont, Sand Tomb on Trubbish!"

The old man responds with strategy instead of force. "Gastly, use Hypnosis on Turtwig! Trubbish, Poison Gas on Ponyta!"

Firecracker spits a fireball at Gastly, causing it to momentarily burst into flame. It shakes it off, it's eyes glowing blue as it stares at Vermont. Vermont ignores it. Trubbish opens it's mouth, releasing a foul green gas toward Firecracker. She inhales to breathe fire on it, but accidentally inhales some of the gas, choking and coughing. Vermont's eyes glow blue as sand whips up around Trubbish. No one's quite sure where it came from, but Trubbish doesn't seem to like it. It winces as sand whips against it, while Firecracker coughs up more poison gas.

The woman jumps in again, commentating again. "As you can see, the Pokemon were given orders simultaneously, but some are faster than others! An important detail to remember! Battle on!" She jumps clear, ignoring Jack and the old man's confused stares.

"Uh... Firecracker! Ember on Gastly again! That seemed to work pretty well! Vermont, go ahead and Tackle Trubbish!"

"Gastly, Lick Turtwig! Trubbish use Pound on Turtwig!"

Firecracker coughs once, but spits out another fireball at Gastly. She coughs out more gas, neighing in pain. Gastly squeals in pain and surprise as it bursts into flame again, but recovers in time to Lick Vermont's face. Trubbish charges forward and smacks Vermont with one of it's arms. It grumbles as sand whips up into it's face. Vermont responds by jumping forward and slamming his head into Trubbish's body. Trubbish falls back onto it's back, then scoots back away from Vermont.

The woman is about to jump in, but decides that nothing noteworthy can be said, so simply waves to the two to continue.

"Cracker, another Ember on Gastly! Vermont, Withdraw!"

"Gastly, Lick Turtwig! Trubbish, Pound Turtwig!"

Coughing out more gas, Firecracker spits a fireball at Gastly, which ignites it again, resulting in the purple aura around it going out. Gastly's black orb-like body falls to the ground before it can Lick Vermont. Trubbish charges forward, swinging it's arms wildly. Vermont pulls into his shell, dodging the flailing arms. Trubbish grins as the sand finally stops swirling around it.

The old man returns Gastly to his ball as the woman jumps in again. "One down, and now it's two on one! We could go on, but you guys get it now, right? Of course, the battle isn't over until one side is either completely out of Pokemon or they quit! Thanks for demonstrating, guys! I'll heal your Pokemon for you! What're your names?"

Jack returns his Pokemon, waving awkwardly at the others. "I-I'm Jack. ...Hello."

The old man hands over his Pokemon as well, smiling warmly. "And I'm Elias. Hope y'all learned something from this little spar!"

The woman applies medicines to the four Pokemon, and returns them at full strength. "Let's get another hand for Jack and Elias! Whoo!" Everyone claps politely. "That'll be all for now! Be sure to come back after lunch for another lesson! Thanks guys! Roxeanne, out!" She flashes a "V" with her fingers and heads off back inside the ship.

Jack shakes hands with the old man, and heads off to explore more of the ship.